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Weekly Parish Email January 12 – January 18, 2018

Dear friends,

As I preached in my sermon on Christmas Eve, if Christmas is about “knowing and loving,” then the season of Epiphany is about revealing and re-focusing: revealing the Christ-child that has come among us, and revealing the Christ-child within each of us. There is, therefore, that which God in Christ does, and that which we are called to respond to. If God reveals, we are called to re-focus…or, in the words of Philip to Nathanael in the gospel for this Sunday, “Come and See.” Come and see what God is doing in your life this Sunday – you have three services to choose from: 8 am; 9:15 contemporary; and 10:15.

I shall be there, God will be there, will I see you? I hope so!

The Annual Meeting of St. Edward’s will take place on Sunday, 25th February. This is the occasion when new members to vestry are elected and delegates to represent the parish at the Diocesan Convention in October also chosen. Should you feel moved to serve in either or both capacities, please contact the Rector as soon as possible.

Fr. Stephen+

Krist Kindling Dinner

Krist Kindling families and other former or possible future Krist Kindlers, please plan to join us at the annual Krist Kindling dinner in the multi-purpose room on Sunday, January 21 at 6:00 p.m.  Families:  please bring a main dish and a salad or dessert – enough to serve six — to share as well as your own table service. If you are single or a couple, please bring one main dish to share. Beverages will be provided.  Bring your stories and your good humor. Guaranteed: a warm and cozy evening with a few good laughs and maybe a surprise or two.  Everyone is welcome to join the fun. Questions?  Call Meredith Westgate, 898-9245.


WHAT:  Annual Cabin-Fever-Tired-of-Winter White Elephant Party.                       

WHEN:  Sunday, January 28th at 4:00.

WHERE:  Elaine Radcliffe’s house, 3190 Grande Oak Place, Lancaster (West Hempfield).

BRING:  The Ugliest, Funniest, Tackiest, Stupidest Gift you can find (wrapped beautifully, of course) for our hilarious gift exchange!

ALSO BRING:  Some “finger food” (dips, spread, cheese and crackers, etc.) to share.

SIGN-UP:  In the Parish Hall, no later than January 18th.

QUESTIONS:  Call Elaine at 717-285-4912.

Here is a current update form the Food Bank from Beth Lynch:

We collected and donated 66 pounds of food for the month of December.

Many thanks!  Items requested for January for the food pantry are:

Elbow macaroni, boxed pasta, 18 oz size jelly, canned tomatoes, cereal

Coffee Hour:  8 AM: Tony and Sue Bianco      9:15 AM – The Milligan Family    10:15 AM: We need a volunteer

Altar Guild:  Nancy Doyle, Julie Hoff, Barbara Schultz, Beth Hake, Wendy Hallowell


8:00 AM – Holy Eucharist Rite I

LEM/Reader:  Mark Jakiel

Ushers: Karen Grant and John Meyer

Greeter:  Janet Rumer

9:15 AM – Contemporary Service

LEM:  Dina Ishler

Reader:  Seth Hake

Usher:  Bill Swiernik

Greeters:  Richard and Gail Irons

10:15 AM – Holy Eucharist Rite II

LEM:  Dina Ishler

Acolytes:  Server:  Camille Horine   Crucifer:  Dina Ishler

Readers: 1stTed Cardwell     2ndReenie Cardwell

Ushers:  Thomas Ishler and Buddy Yeager

Greeter:  Dorris Smith                                        


6:30 PM – N/A (PH)


1:00 PM – Knit Wits (PH)

7:00 PM – Evening Knit Wits (Library)

7:00 PM – ALERT Mtg. (PH)


12 Noon – Holy Eucharist with healing


7:00 PM – Choir Rehearsal

7:30 PM – Vestry Meeting






Advent/Christmas Worship Services 2017


9:30 AM – Low Mass


4:30 PM* Family Service of Holy Communion

*Praise Band will be playing music commencing at 4:15 pm.

Children’s Sermon

8:00 PM* – Festival Holy Eucharist with Choir

10:30 PM  Midnight Mass with Choir

*Nursery is available for children up to age 4 at the 4:30 pm and 8:00 pm services


  • 10:00 AM – Holy Eucharist Rite II

Advent Quiet Afternoon – Saturday, December 16th

“Expectation; Repentance and Waiting for the fulfillment of God’s promise.”


Schedule of Events

2:30 p.m. – Devotions

Daughters of the King



2:45 p.m. – living in the tension between the historical past and the present;


3:45 p.m. – living in the tension between tradition and the needs of the contemporary generation


4:45 p.m. – living in the tension between revelation and interpretation.


5:30 p.m. – Holy Eucharist


Prayer, meditations and Eucharist are in the church. A bell will ring 5 minutes before the beginning of each meditation.

Refreshments and restrooms are in the hallway.

Reading room and a place for quiet contemplation is available in the education wing.

Coffee and conversation are in the parish hall.

To help maintain a quiet atmosphere, please put your cell phone in silent mode and confine any phone conversations to the cell phone room.

Between meditations, please feel free to remain in the church, wander around the building and enjoy the quiet.

Thank you for coming today. We hope you find the afternoon restful and restorative.

Wishing you a blessed Advent.




St. Edward’s 13th Annual

Holiday Cookie Sale

Saturday, December 2nd, 8 AM 


COME to the St. Edward’s annual holiday cookie sale and choose from over 60 varieties of your favorite Christmas cookies, candies and other holiday treats.  Come early for the best selection. . and tell your friends!!!

Enjoy the delicious baking talents of our St. Edward’s community of faith.  We look forward to offering a wide selection of tasty creations, once again, for this wonderful seasonal fundraising event.

We are having our benefit breakfast, again, with a selection of hot items and beverages for one price.  Come for the cookies and stay for breakfast!

Thank you for your support.