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Rector Search

Our search committee has worked so diligently and prayerfully over this past year and we have now completed our parish profile for posting in our rector search process. We are so grateful to all who have participated and done the “good work” to keep our transition process moving forward with such great faith, strength, and community as we look forward to our future.

Click here to view our profile.

If you would like to view our posting on the Episcopal News Service, click here. It will be posted through December 2nd at which time the “posting phase” in our search process is complete.

If you would like to explore the process from the beginning, please follow the links below to view our survey results.

The survey results are in!

We thank all who participated in our survey. Your involvement is crucial in our search process.

We encourage you to take the time to review the documents below. The information is extremely valuable. The more you know, the more insightful we can all be during our upcoming group meetings, empowering us to ask the right questions and have meaningful discussions that will then help us to form a detailed profile to post for our rector search.

Below you will find two links as follows:

(1) This is a survey analysis of all of the data gathered from the questionnaire. Our goal is to summarize and provide the parish with top line results of the volume of data generated from all of the respondents.

Survey Analysis

(2) This pdf is all of the “raw data” that was generated, via our survey tool, showing the results in graphics form. It will provide insightful detailed information to those who are interested in learning about specific areas that were addressed in the survey questions.

Survey Data

In closing, we share our Search Committee prayer for October 2019:

Almighty God, look graciously on the people of St Edward’s, as You have done so magnificently in the past, during our last search.

Enfold us in Your love as we move along Your guiding pathway.

The truth and inspiration of the Holy Spirit sustain our hearts and minds in our search.

The hands of Jesus Christ hold ours as we sojourn towards welcoming our new rector.

Nourish those who are moved to contact us, with faithful and discerning hearts.

We pray that our eventual call will fulfill God’s plan for our shared life at St Edward’s.


Your St. Edward’s Search Committee,

Dottie Gschwend, co-chair

Matthew Sternberg, co-chair

Seth Hake

Susan Landin

Beth Lynch

Bill Swiernik

Peter Weber