Saint Edward’s

The congregation of St. Edward’s was founded in 1981 on the initiative of the Bishop and people of Diocese of Central Pennsylvania and the Episcopal Churches in Lancaster County to meet the growing needs of the community on the North-west quadrant of the city of Lancaster. The patron saint of the congregation, chosen by the youth, is St. Edward the Confessor, the last Anglo-Saxon king of England, who re-founded Westminster Abby in the 11th century and was known for his piety and charitable works. The name of the parish, therefore, reflects a commitment on the part of the people of St. Edward’s to foster a multi-generational community that reaches out to serve others.

Over the years St. Edward’s has earned a reputation of being an inclusive, welcoming, friendly community of faith. For the first ten years, the congregation met in a local Union Hall. Having purchased land alongside Harrisburg Pike, the congregation built the current church, which was consecrated in 1991. In 2005 a new parish hall was built and dedicated to meet the demands of a growing community of faithful Christians.

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