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Stewardship Campaign 2021

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”       (Matthew 6:21)

We launched our 2021 Stewardship campaign in November of 2020. Stewardship Committee members Stephen and Catherine Donohue, Matthew Sternberg, and Jamie Alton shared their hopes for the year ahead at our livestreamed 10:00 AM service. And while fundraising usually hates uncertainty, the people of St. Edward’s responded with faith.

While we tend to talk about stewardship only one month out of the year, giving encompasses all church seasons. St. Edward’s received a number of special gifts in 2020, as evidenced by our revitalized Memorial Garden and upgraded sanctuary. We received new pledges in the fourth quarter, and some people decided to pre-pay their 2021 pledge. We concluded the year with a very promising Stewardship Campaign for 2021. The Spirit is very present at St. Edward’s!

If you have questions about pledging and giving, please feel free to contact Jamie Alton at or 717-875-4142. Father Rick or Michelle would also be happy to answer your questions.

You can also donate, securely, to St. Edward’s, via our Paypal link, by clicking the “Give to St. Edward’s” button to the right.  If you watch our Sunday services and other offerings via our St. Edward’s YouTube channel, there is a secure link to allow you to donate from that channel!

Stewardship Information Flier

Stewardship Letter

2021 Pledge Form

Stewardship Campaign 2020

Our 2020 Stewardship Campaign was sent out to the parish in December 2019 with a planned Ingathering on Sunday, January 5th, 2020.  The Stewardship committee includes:  Jamie Alton, Stephen and Catherine Donohue, and Richard and Gail Irons.

Stewardship is the word we use to describe how each Christian makes a commitment of time and resources to help accomplish God’s work and live the life we are all called to live.  Please give prayerful consideration to your pledge for 2020.  We thank you all who have given to St. Edward’s in the past years and we appreciate your generosity.

Stewardship Letter 2020

Pledge Form 2020

Stewardship Campaign 2019

Our 2019 Stewardship Campaign was introduced to the parish via a letter and pledge form sent by Brian Newsome, Vestry Senior Warden and Susan Landin, Stewardship Chairperson.  St. Edward’s is in a year of transition due to our rector, The Rev. Canon Stephen C. Casey, retiring this past November after serving our congregation for 20 years.

We ask that all parishioners and newcomers prayerfully consider supporting the ministry of St. Edward’s through weekly giving and/or pledging, as well as giving your time and talent to our ministries.

To support the ministry of St. Edward’s we have no resources but God’s grace, our own endeavors, the generosity of guests, and the support and generosity of you, our parishioner, who understand that St. Edward’s is more than a building, but rather a community of faith that comes together in worship and in service.

Stewardship letter

Pledge Form

Stewardship Campaign 2016

Our Stewardship Campaign was introduced at our Annual Meeting.  Please click the links below to hear the weekly Stewardship Prayer and Voices for 2016.  Our campaign’s concluding message is new and at the bottom of the listing.

Bishop Audrey Cady Scanlan February 28, 2016

Dr. Randy Westgate March 6, 2016

Mrs. Dottie Gschwend March 13, 2016

Mr. Matthew Sternberg, March 20, 2016

Ms. Leslie Arnold, March 27, 2016

Mr. Bradley Mattson & The Rev. Jennifer Mattson & Family, April 3, 2016

Mrs. Tina Shank, April 14, 2016

Mr. Brian Newsome, April 24, 2016

Mr. Patrick Ishler, May 1, 2016

The Rev. Canon Stephen C. Casey, May 8, 2016

Mrs. Susan Landin, May 15, 2016

Stewardship Campaign 2016 – Concluding Message, September 8, 2016

During the first half of March, we will be sending each St. Edward’s household our 2016 Stewardship materials and pledge card for you to prayerfully consider.


Stewardship Campaign 2015

You are part of the St. Edward’s family tree.

And just as a tree, with light and nutrients, will continue its growth for many generations, so too will a parish family tree flourish as its individual leaves and branches nurture its growth.  This tree of life – the St. Edward’s family tree – is the theme for our 2015 Stewardship Campaign.

Part of nurturing our family tree involves giving of our treasures.  It is one of the many joyful opportunities we have to express our faith throughout the year.  While this may sound strange to some – the joy of giving money to the church, those of us who do it know that it IS a joy.  We all feel better doing our part to ensure that this remarkable parish prospers.

During 2015 we are continuing to extend the Stewardship Campaign over a longer period.  To begin, we are asking all those who currently give to make a pledge for the coming year. A pledge card is enclosed.  Please be as generous as you are able.

The symbol of a family tree reminds us of the love and grace God gives to each of us.  To give all an opportunity to embrace our tree and further its growth, we will begin our Stewardship Campaign with Evensong on January 25th at 4PM, followed by a reception.

In February, we will hold our Annual Meeting and breakfast on Sunday, February 15th.  Our Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper and Cake Walk will be on February 17th.  On April 12th, St. Edward’s has invited our Provisional Bishop, Robert Gepert, to visit us and join us in fellowship for our Stewardship Breakfast.  We will celebrate our stewardship with our Celebration Meal on Sunday, May 17th.

A tree’s branches give shade and protection from the sun; so does God give us love and protection. Let us remember that all good gifts we have do come from heaven above – and that we need to pledge our financial support and stretch our branches in growth now and for future generations of St. Edward’s.

Your early pledges will help set the stage for what the Stewardship Committee feels is a reflective and growth-oriented campaign.  We hope you will play your part and make your pledge at this time by returning your pledge form in the enclosed envelope.

On behalf of the whole Stewardship and Financial Program of the church,

Fr. Stephen, Susan Landin, Matthew Sternberg