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Community Aid Donation Bin at St. Edward’s

COMMUNITY AID PA – This spring, you will notice in the far end, left side of the parking lot there is a donation bin for “Community Aid.”  This organization, established in 2009 is a faith-based 501 (c) 3, non-profit organization, whose primary focus is to raise funds for distribution to local schools, churches, synagogues, and nonprofit charitable organizations.   Why does St. Edward’s have a bin in their lot?  For all clothing and shoes donations that we collect in the bin, we will receive 4 cents/pound.  In addition to that, by partnering with Community Aid, we are able to help the wider community through our collections in two ways:  By supplying their centers with goods to sell and our partnership enables us to receive “Care Cards” that allow the church to help those in need, with clothing and shoes needs, at the Community Aid stores.  In addition to these features, after one year of partnership, St. Edward’s will be allowed to apply for a grant, up to $5,000 for a service project within our community of faith, the wider community, or for a need we may have.  The Community Aid partnership seems to have successfully found a way to involve the entire community in a full circle approach to making a difference in our community with the bin for donations, collection by their support team of donated goods that go to the centers (there is one on Good Drive/Columbia Avenue), to the re-dispersing profits back into the community and the non-profit organizations that partner with them all in the spirit of community support.  Please consider, when you come to church on Sunday’s, to donate your clothing and shoes to the bin in the St. Edward’s lot.  It will enable us to help the community and it is an excellent way to add to our fundraising each year and it will enable us to consider a grant opportunity for St. Edward’s.