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Daily Message from St. Edward’s – March 25, 2020

Dear parishioners,

As many of us suspected would happen, Bishop Audrey has just informed the diocese that it will not be possible for churches to have any kind of normal services for Holy Week and Easter. In fact, it is not imagined that we will be able to be physically back in our church buildings before the end of May. The need for us to keep ourselves safe, as well as not to risk spreading infections to others, is just too great. She and all of us together know how deeply disappointing it is for us not to be able to gather in person to commemorate these most central parts of the story of our faith.

But this does not mean that Holy Week and Easter are cancelled! Instead we and the diocese are working on alternatives to gathering in the church. These alternatives may very well be online. As soon as we know what we plan to do, we will let you know. Stay tuned in the coming days as we do our best to adapt to these difficult circumstances.

David +

We dub this “Hump Day” so that calls for uplifting news to carry us through. 😊

A personal note from Herb Johnston, vestry member to St. Edwardians:

Hi to all of you St Edwardian’s: Herb Johnston here. I am in my 4th year of serving on your Vestry and usually attend the 8am service. While on our sabbatical from our church I have been able to catch up on all the paper work the Vestry generates. Also Marsha and I walk most every day in our neighborhood. Sometimes we walk in different parks too. We are working on jigsaw puzzles which challenge us. Also we do the crossword puzzles that are in the newspaper.  We also are reading some books and watch and listen to online subjects of interest to us. We each also have our own “spaces” too to do those things that interest each of us. All in all things are going well, but not as well as it used to be. I think you know what I mean. Finally, I keep my Book of Common Prayer nearby. I pray for you all and for our church. Be well!

Uplifting news from Washington National Cathedral today:

Seek and ye shall find, apparently. Today, Washington National Cathedral sent 3000 N95 masks to MedStar Georgetown University Hospital and 2000 to Children’s National Hospital after a stonemason found a forgotten stash in the Cathedral crypt. Certified by manufacturer as still good.

A way for us to connect on Friday’s with many thanks to Patrick Ishler for coordinating!

There will be a Facebook Live stream on the Way of the Cross (Stations of the Cross) on Friday, March 27 and Friday, April 3 at 6:30 pm.  Please join us on Dina Ishler’s Facebook page as we take the journey of Jesus to the cross.  All are so very welcome to join in and when we can’t be together physically we can use this gift of technology to pray with and for each other.

Click on this to hear some uplifting music:  In Christ Alone (Virtual Choir #3 / A Cappella).  Thank you, Meredith Westgate for forwarding on!


Grant, O God, that your holy and life-giving spirit may so move every human heart and especially the hearts of the people of this land, that barriers which divide us may crumble, suspicions disappear, and hatreds cease; that our divisions being healed, we may live in justice and peace; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

–        The Book of Common Prayer


My three daughters and I frequently talk about how to navigate life as black girls and women. One thing we talk about is the fact that people think we shouldn’t have to talk about profiling, bias, racism and praying for those who wish us harm. When the girls were younger, people often questioned whether my husband was their father. He’s very dark-skinned; the girls have different skin tones that are considerably lighter than his.

Nia, my eldest, commented that in the past, people would stare and not say anything. The question stayed on their faces, unlike now. Nia paid attention to the fact that it made her upset, but as a child, she didn’t have the mindset to look past her feelings toward a solution. She gave everyone the benefit of the doubt, deserved or not.

My friend Rachel loves to remind me that we are an Easter people. We turn and turn and turn again to the risen Christ for forgiveness and redemption. The only way we will ever be able to stop praying this prayer for social justice is to have difficult, honest conversations with each other whenever we can. What can you do this Lent to invite the Spirit into your heart? What barriers are you willing to cross?

–        Miriam Willard McKenney is the Development Director for Forward Movement. She finds extreme joy parenting her three girls with her husband, David.