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Daily Message from St. Edward’s – Sunday, March 22, 2020

Dear parishioners,

As we worship, in a different way today, let us keep in our prayers Father David, whose ministry to St. Edward’s, during our transition, has been a blessing to all of us, to his wife Diane, and to our incoming rector, Father Rick, and his family, for the new ministry we are so blessed to have for St. Edward’s future.

  • Michelle

Prayer from the Vestry for our New Rector

Dear God,

As we begin our journey with a new rector in the life of St. Edward’s, refresh us with a new vision and help us to fulfill the duties and responsibilities that come to us.

May we show gracious hospitality to our new rector, Father Rick, and to his family and welcome them with prayers and support. Fill him with wisdom and understanding and with the knowledge of your will for our parish in all things. May we all be touched by your Spirit that our hearts may yield to you in reverence and obedience.

Fill our hearts with gratitude and love for the blessings of this new ministry that we pray will be a blessing to you and, by our example, will lead others to serve you.

Help us to truly embrace one another in love as we strive to strengthen and grow our community of faith. Through our ministry together, may we bring gracious acts of kindness to others in your name.  May we bring strength to the weak, hope to the despondent, joy to those who sorrow.  May we always put our trust in you.

May Father Rick be led always by the Holy Spirit,

We thank you for new challenges. Help us to meet them with courage and trust in you. May we be filled with the love and gratitude for our savior, Jesus Christ, who lifts us from the burden of sin and anxiety.  Gather this community close to you and protect us.  We pray in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.