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Stewardship Campaign 2016: Prayer & Voices – Mr. Brian Newsome

Mr. Brian Newsome – Vestry, Christian Formation Teacher

Each week we will have the opportunity to listen in on a St. Edward’s parishioner sharing their story about what the ministry of St. Edward’s has meant to them. This week, the reflection is offered by Brian Newsome.  Each week in the all-parish email a link will be posted for you to click to listen to the recording. Listeners are encouraged to meditate on these precious words and stories shared, and pray the prayers for stewardship provided each week by the spirituality ministry. Share and like these on Facebook and other social media outlets, email the links to your friends.

Stewardship Prayer for the week of April 24th:

Heavenly Father, teach us to live in the light of eternity and to trust you as our provider.  May we be faithful stewards as preservers of your Earth.  Amen.