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St. Edward’s Thursday Message – July 30, 2020

Dear friends,

On Saturday afternoon, we will be sending our message with links to all things for Sunday worship.

We are so blessed by the generosity we have received from our parish family with the financial support for Phase One of our Memorial Garden.  And we are so excited that we can bring this important project to fruition.  As we continue to raise funds, please know that we are carefully stewarding every aspect of this project, researching all aspects of proceeding with care, and implementing plans this week towards the various aspects which include: the monument for our plaques; the design of the interior garden space with landscaping and trees; the accessible walkway from the parking lot into the garden; the wood sculpting of our cross; the general care of the surrounding spaces of the exterior of the garden; the planning of the planting of a natural wall between the church and our neighbor; along with carefully choosing smaller contemplative elements to beautify this sacred space.  We are fully immersed in this exciting project, and will continue to keep the parish informed of our progress.

With more incredible thanks to all, we have achieved our “ask” for baskets for our annual Basket Auction.  Baskets will be due by September 13th and our plan this year is to present a catalog for people to download to view our selection, as well as a video that details the baskets.  We are still working out the details of the style of auction we will hold this year, which will be accommodating to our Covidtide, but will be filled with fun and the availability to all to participate, so stay tuned in early September for those details.

We are collecting school supplies through August 9th for the Landisville Primary Center for the 2020/2021 school year.  If you would like to send monies for us to shop, please make checks payable to St. Edward’s with memo line “school supplies” and another suggested option is to go on Target or Amazon shopping sites and have supplies shipped to St. Edward’s (please let the office know if you are using this method so we can be on the lookout).  Supplies needed are:

Colored pencils
Notebook paper
Colored paper
Glue sticks
Hand Sanitizer
Dry Erase Markers, fine pt., black
Dry Erase Markers, fine pt., red
Folders without clasps

Let’s help our neighborhood children be ready to learn!  There will be a drop off box in the narthex. We thank you for your generosity in helping St. Edward’s reach out to the wider community.

Hempfield Area Food Pantry

Through the generous financial donations of our parish, we have sent a check to the Hempfield Area Food Pantry in the amount of $600.00 The pantry is now accepting food items, again!  Current requests are:
One or 2 pound packages of rice, canned fruit (no fruit cocktail no Mandarin oranges)
Canned tomatoes, canned peas, canned kidney beans, canned soup (no chicken noodle) and cereal.

If you would like to donate food, please bring on Sunday and drop in baskets in the narthex.  If you would like to donate food and do not come to services but would like a curbside drop-off, please call the parish office to make arrangements. We want to make certain we are here to accept your donation.

Continue reading below for the details for our Friday and Saturday worship and fellowship activities.

As we approach our weekend, we offer a prayer For the Good Use of Leisure.

O God, in the course of this busy life, give us times of refreshment and peace; and grant that we may so use our leisure to rebuild our bodies and renew our minds, that our spirits may be opened to the goodness of your creation; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Be well. Stay safe. Keep the faith.


We invite you to Evening Prayer this Friday evening at 7:00 PM.  This is a wonderful way to peacefully end our week and is led by Patrick Ishler and we hear that there will be a “natural location” to this week’s service, so tune in!


Join us on Zoom:
    Join Code:  863 2710 5082

Join us for our Virtual Saturday Social from 9 AM – 9:40 AM Saturday morning on Zoom.  It will be hosted by Michelle Bentley (Christina & Joe are on vacation). So join us!  It’s a great time to bring any questions or suggestions you may have for the parish office! We look forward to sharing some time of fellowship THIS SATURDAY, August 1st at 9:00 AM. The join code and pass code is in your email message.